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Does your Chrome freeze up?

Let Doctor help you forget about parasite-extensions, which make your browser slower. After examination by the Doctor for Chrome, it will fly again like it is supposed to!

Does your Chrome freeze up?

What does the Doctor for Chrome do?


Doctor for Chrome "X-Rays" your browser to detect what parasitic extensions leached onto it.
These can cause anything from browser slow-down, annoying experiences like ads, and even data leaks.
Unlike real X-Rays, there is no radiation involved, and the process takes less than a minute.


After a quick diagnosis, Doctor for Chrome will help you identify all the suspicious add-ons and extensions it found.
Using a simple interface, You would be able to select which ones you'd like to remove surgically and which one you are comfortable with letting stay for a while longer.

How does it work?

Press the button to start scanning

After installing, press the Pill button to start scanning. You won't miss it. The quick diagnosis stage will start and complete within less than a minute.


A simple interface will show you the diagnosis results. You will be able to choose an action for each issue found and resolve with one click. You can also use "Heal all" to proceed with the default the Doctor's healing suggestion.

Viola! A browser in great shape

You're all set. Your browser will regain the skin of a toddler and the stamina of an Iron Man.

In a nutshell

Browser Clean Up

Remove unwanted addons. Reduce memory usage, improve speed and privacy.


Use "Heal All" to apply the recommended remedies. No technical knowledge needed.

Boost up your browsing experience

Your browser - Good as new. Maybe even better!



Free to try. Full functionality and on-demand manual diagnosis.

$0 / month


No manual scanning is needed. Scanning is continous and automatic in the background.

$3 / month

Answers on your questions

How often do I have to perform a scan?

In the free version, you can perform a scan any time you'd like by clicking the extension button and performing a scan. It is best to do it once upon installation, later on once a week and every time you make a change to your browser like changing a setting or adding a new app or extension.
We, also, recommend preforming the scan anytime you install new software as it can be bundled with unwanted extensions.
The Premium version does all of the above automatically!

What is your Refund policy?

Refund policy is in-line and based on Google's in-app purchase. You can read about it here, as well as use links in the help article to request a refund.

What about my Privacy?

The Doctor collects telemetry and information regarding installed extensions. In addition, server logs may contain information regarding your IP and other browsing characteristics. In any case, no personally identifiable information is collected.

Email us a screenshot of you sharing, blogging or using Doctor on social media and get a link for a discounted purchase.

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